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Hi! We are Thomas and Stefany Phillips, the husband and wife team that run Kitchen Fresh Kibble LLC.  These are our kids and 5 dogs (yes 5 dogs).  Our journey started with our senior chihuahua Brutus (the one being held by our son in the picture) Brutus is 11 years old and is missing about half his teeth.  He started to struggle with hard kibble and we just couldn't find a good soft food that gave him all the nutrients he needs in his senior years so we began making his food.  We did a TON of research and finally developed the perfect blend.  Within just 2 weeks we noticed a huge improvement in his movements, activity level and coat . . . it was awesome! Fast forward to our most recent rescue Sweet Pea (she's the bigger girl in the lower left hand corner) She is a 2 year old pit mix and began having some tummy troubles.  I took a look at the ingredients in her kibble and was absolutely appalled . . . . this was supped to be a "good" dog food and it was just full of junk lacking the nutrients she really needed. We decided to put her and the remaining 3 on the homemade food.  Again the change in all of them was undeniable and we knew we we're on to something; so the process began. It has been a road to get here and we could not be more excited to share our product with the world.  Your pup deserves it!  We have received nothing but positive feedback for pups all ages and sizes.  Check out some of these before and afters and feel free to reach out with any questions. Thanks so much for supporting our small business.

Let us feed your pup!

Serving the Gilbert/Phoenix Metro Area

Tel: 480-570-2000

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